Jeep Wrangler roof storage solution

We at Entreposage Rigide would like to offer customers our Jeep Wrangler storage solutions. We offer year-round storage for both your roofs, your soft top and your hard top in our 10 000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse which has 24/7 surveillance.

Along with storage we offer a home delivery solution were our team drives to your home to remove and install your soft top. Yes, we drive to your home, remove your hard top, install your soft top and transport your hardtop back to our warehouse!

Our mission

Entreposage Rigide is a company that was created with the specific purpose of offering Jeep enthusiast a storage solution.

In addition, no travel by you is required once the summer season is over. We bring your roof to you.

With a team of well-equipped and well trained professionals leaving no room for error when handling parts of your vehicle, customers are assured of an exceptional experience every summer, as they no longer have to worry about knowing where to go to store the roof of their Jeep Wrangler.

All customers have a home at Entreposage Rigide!